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Centrifugal fan

  • 4-70 Centrifugal fan
4-70 Centrifugal fan

4-70 Centrifugal fan

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  • Product description: This page gives you a detailed description of the performance parameters of 4-70 high-pressure centrifugal fan, including air volume, wind pressure, motor power, etc., as well as specific specificatio

  4-70 centrifugal fan A total of 9 specifications, power from 0.75kw to 11kw, air volume 1300-14500 cubic/hour, wind pressure 200-3360 Pascal, is a small medium and low pressure centrifugal fan, such as parameters can not meet the needs of use, you may choose 4-72 centrifugal fan

1. Type 4-70 centrifugal fan structure type:
  Type 4-70 centrifugal fan №.2.8~6 outlet position is 0°-225°, interval is 45°, transmission mode is a-type transmission, №.7~12 outlet position for 0°,, 180°,№.7~12 transmission mode for C-type transmission.
Type 4-70 centrifugal fan №.2.8~6 fan is mainly composed of impeller, chassis, air inlet and other parts with direct-linked motor; №.7~12 In addition to the above parts, there are transmission parts and so on.

1)The impeller consists of 10 rear-leaning arc thin plate blades, curved front disks and flat rear disks.
All steel plate manufacturing, and through dynamic, static balance correction, good air performance, high efficiency, smooth operation.

2)The inlet is made into a whole and is mounted on the surface of the fan.
The cross section with axial parallel is curved shape, which can make the gas enter the impeller smoothly and the loss is small.

3)The transmission part is composed of 2 points from spindle, bearing box, rolling bearing and belt wheel.