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Fire exhaust fan

  • PYHL-14A  Fire exhaust fan - copy
PYHL-14A  Fire exhaust fan - copy

PYHL-14A Fire exhaust fan - copy

  • PYHL-14A Fire Fan
  • PYHL-14A Wind Turbine
  • pyhl-14a Accident Fan
  • PYHL-14A Smoke Exhaust Machine
  • Product description: This page details the technical parameters of pyhl-14a Fire exhaust fan, product performance, dimension diagram, air volume, wind pressure, motor power, our company is HTF fire exhaust fan manufactu
1.  Overview

pyhl-14a type high temperature smoke exhaust mixed-flow fan is a new type of fan between axial flow type and centrifugal fan, which has the characteristics of high pressure of centrifugal fan, large flow rate of axial flow fan, high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, convenient installation and so on. PYHL-14A series high temperature exhaust fan is a derivative product of HTF series high temperature exhaust fan, not only has the function of HL3-2A fan, but also can operate normally for 45 minutes in the ambient temperature around 300 ℃, which can not only play the dual role of ventilation and ventilation but also can play high temperature smoke exhaust, which is suitable for underground tunnels, underground shopping malls, Underground warehouse and other fire supporting facilities, by the Design Institute and users of all ages.

 2. Structural characteristics of the fan The fan is mainly composed of impeller, chassis, inlet collector, diversion sheet, electric motor and other components.
The impeller is welded on the conical wheel with several twisted airfoil blades with meridian acceleration characteristics, and has good aerodynamic performance by dynamic equilibrium calibration and overspeed test.
The chassis adopts cylindrical shape, which is connected with the collector with muffler function as a whole, and the outlet is fitted with a diversion sheet, which has good airflow distribution and stable pressure. The fan design has two times into the wind to reduce the ambient temperature of the motor.

3  , the use of wind turbines
1. Application Place: Can be used in tunnels, underground garages, metallurgy and other high-temperature smoke discharge places, in the case of fire, can quickly exhaust smoke cooling, to assist fire crews to enter the disaster area in time to extinguish the fire, is a necessary facility for fire safety.
2. Types of gases transported: air and other non-spontaneous, harmless to the human body, non-corrosive to steel gas, in a special environment, you can choose explosion-proof mixed-flow fan.
3. Impurities of the gas: no viscous substances are allowed in the gas, and the dust and hard particles contained are not greater than 150mg/m3. 4. Temperature of the gas: must not exceed 80 ℃.

 4 , the choice of fan performance
1. The performance of the fan is reviewed on the performance table, the performance listed in the table is the performance in the most efficient range, according to the traffic is divided into five performance points, selected according to the performance table.
2. Factory fan qualified product performance in the rated flow of the full pressure does not exceed ±5%. 3. Performance selection table is the performance of the standard state, regardless of the technical documents or order requirements of the performance are in accordance with the standard status, standard state atmosphere Β=101325pa,t=20℃, relative humidity ψ=50%.
When the actual conditions of use and the above do not conform to the relevant formula for conversion.
4. Fan installation method can be divided into vertical and horizontal, if you need vertical installation Please indicate at the time of ordering, such as flow, pressure, installation size and other performance parameters have special requirements, the company will be designed for you to produce separately. The flow value of 5.pyhl-14a (htf-b) type high temperature exhaust mixed-flow fan is 280 ℃ high temperature air flow value, which is +5% higher than that of the usual HL3-2A fan.

5.  Installation of the fan
1. Fan installation should be a comprehensive inspection of the components, whether the machine is complete, the parts of the joint is fastened.
2. When the fan is installed, pay attention to maintain the horizontal position of the fan, the combination of the fan and the Foundation and the connection of the air duct, etc., should be adjusted so that the natural anastomosis must not have forced joints, do not allow the weight of the pipe to be added to the fan components.
3. When the fan is in operation, if it is found that there is a violent vibration impact and other anomalies must be stopped immediately to check.
4. Wind turbines should be used in the open air to prevent rain measures.
5. Remove impurities such as ash and dirt inside the fan on schedule, and prevent rust.