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Centrifugal fan

  • 9-04 High pressure centrifugal fan
9-04 High pressure centrifugal fan

9-04 High pressure centrifugal fan

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  • 9-06 High Pressure fan
  • 9-04 High Pressure centrifugal ventilator
  • 9-06 High pressure lead fan
  • Product description: This page provides you with details of the performance parameters of 9-04 and 9-06 high pressure centrifugal fans, including air volume, wind pressure, motor power, etc., as well as specific specifica

9-04, 9-06 High-pressure small flow centrifugal fan applicable to oil fields, power stations, metallurgy, chemical and other industries of high-pressure forced air supply, motor power from 4kw to 110kw, the highest wind pressure 35000 PA, air volume 6300 cubic meters/hour, there are two types of motor direct and coupling transmission

1. 9-04, 9-06 high pressure small flow centrifugal fan application range

In order to meet the needs of the development of power equipment in China, we have developed 9-04, 9-06 series high pressure small flow centrifugal blower, and successfully applied in the new North Thermal power plant and Panjin oilfield. The blower is suitable for power station, petroleum, environmental protection, breeding, metallurgy, ironmaking, chemical system. The medium temperature generally does not exceed 50 ℃ (up to 80 ℃), and the dust and hard particles contained in the medium are not greater than 150mg/m3.

2. Type and structure characteristics of 9-04 and 9-06 high pressure and small flow centrifugal fan

The blower is a single suction type, 9-04 has No6.3d, 7.1D, 8 C, 9D, 10D, 11.2D, 12.5D, 5.6C, 6.3C, 7.1C, 8C a total of 11 machine numbers; 9-06 have No6.3d, 7.1D, 8D, 9D, 10D, 11.2D,
12.5D a total of 7 machine numbers.
The ventilator can be made into the right spin and the left spin two forms, from one end of the motor to face, the impeller clockwise rotation is called the right cyclone machine, to "right" means; the counterclockwise spinner is called the left Cyclone machine, expressed as "left". The outlet position of the fan is indicated by the outlet angle of the chassis, and the "left" and "right" can be made into 0o, 90o and 180o in a total of three angles.

The transmission mode of the fan is C type and D type.

Structural features the blast is mainly composed of impeller, chassis, air inlet, base and transmission group. 1) impeller; 9-04 type fan length blades a total of 40 tablets; 9-06 type fan length blades a total of 36 tablets. All belong to the forward curved leaf type.
After the impeller is formed by static and dynamic balance correction, so the operation is smooth.
2) chassis; welded with ordinary steel plate into a worm shell as a whole.
3) air inlet; Made of convergent streamlined whole structure, bolted to the front cover plate group. 4) Transmission group, composed of spindle, bearing box, coupling and so on. The spindle is made of high quality steel, bearing box for the overall structure, with rolling bearings, with bearing grease lubrication. A detachable seal ring is arranged on both sides of the cover.