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Centrifugal fan

  • CF-11 Multi-blade centrifugal fan
CF-11 Multi-blade centrifugal fan

CF-11 Multi-blade centrifugal fan

  • CF-11 Wind Turbine
  • CF-11 Gale Wind Turbine
  • CF-11 multi-wing centrifugal ventilator
  • CF-11 multi-wing centrifugal centrifugal fan
  • Product description: This page provides you with a detailed description of the performance parameters of CF-11 multi-wing centrifugal fan, including air volume, wind pressure, motor power, as well as specific specificatio
  The CF-11 type multi-wing low noise centrifugal ventilator is designed and manufactured by the company to meet the needs of the growing purification industry and environmental protection and noise reduction. In the design of the fan, the multi-Objective optimization design method of various aerodynamic parameters, such as noise and efficiency, is used to realize the best performance matching of the whole machine. It has good aerodynamic performance. Impeller and belt wheel are strictly dynamic balance is positive, so smooth operation, low noise, large flow, small vibration, long life and so on. Widely used in the unit canteen, hotel restaurants, restaurants and other public places in the kitchen exhaust, smoke or ventilation, and suitable for food machinery, chemical machinery, plastic machinery and other production equipment. Wide range of uses, strong adaptability.