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Cabinet centrifugal fan

  • htfc Cabinet centrifugal fan
htfc Cabinet centrifugal fan

htfc Cabinet centrifugal fan

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  • Product description: This page gives you a detailed description of the performance parameters of the HRFC cabinet centrifugal fan, including air volume, wind pressure, motor power, and specific specifications, including H

  HTFC cabinet centrifugal fan is a kind of fire fan, divided into two kinds, motor external low-speed ventilation and ventilation, high-speed fire smoke exhaust, motor built-in ventilation only, also known as centrifugal wind chassis, maximum air Volume: 85000 cubic/h, maximum power 45kw

 1.  HTFC cabinet centrifugal fan Product Features:

  Transfer HTFC series is a cabinet fan is a dual-use, high-efficiency, low-noise cabinet centrifugal fan, with obvious low noise, excellent high temperature resistance, novel and compact structure, small vibration, light weight, easy installation and maintenance and other advantages, widely used in hotels, restaurants, auditoriums, theatres, basements, factories and mining enterprises, office buildings, such as the need for fire smoke, kitchen smoke and ventilation of the occasion "hoisting, seat installation can be", not only can send wind and exhaust wind, has been sold throughout the country, is currently high-rise building fire smoke, ventilation and ventilation of the ideal products.