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Roof fan

  • DT40-12型、BDT40-12 Roof fan
DT40-12型、BDT40-12 Roof fan

DT40-12型、BDT40-12 Roof fan

  • DT40-12 type, bdt40-12 roof axial fan
  • DT40-12 type, bdt40-12 roof fan
  • dt40-12 type, bdt40-12 fan
  • Product description: This page details the dt40-12 type, bdt40-12 roof fan technical parameters, product performance, dimension diagram, air volume, wind pressure, motor power, Zibo transfer Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd
  First, the use of: dt40-12 type, bdt40-12 type of low-noise fan are roof axial fan, can be used as oil, metallurgy, machinery and other departments ventilation and exhaust, but also as a general factory, warehouse and large buildings indoor ventilation and exhaust. Second, the type: BDT40 type roof axial fan is explosion-proof type. The impeller part is made of steel plate, the air cylinder has aluminum lining plate, the body part is coated with anti-corrosion protection paint, so the fan has certain corrosion resistance.
DT40 Type roof axial fan can transport general gas. 
  The products are directly mounted on the motor shaft of the direct coupling structure, in the impeller circumference speed does not exceed 60m/s conditions with two kinds of speed: 1450, 960r/min, facing the direction of the inlet to see the impeller for counterclockwise rotation.
  Third, the structure: The fan is mainly composed of impeller, chassis, fan, rain-proof canopy and other four parts.
Four, dt40-12 type, bdt40-12 type roof axial fan performance parameter table The parameters provided in the performance table, if not specified, are calculated according to the standard inlet state of the fan, that is, the medium is air, the pressure is 101325Pa, the temperature is 20 ℃, the density is 1.2kg/m3, and the relative humidity is 50% standard state.
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