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4-72 Centrifugal fan - copy

4-72 Centrifugal fan - copy

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  • Product description: This page details the performance parameters of 4-72 high pressure centrifugal fan, including air volume, wind pressure, motor power, etc., as well as specific specifications, including 4-72 2.8A 3.15

4-72 centrifugal fan air volume from 844-221730 cubic meters/hour, wind pressure 324-3200 Pascal, Power: 1.1-220kw, low-pressure gale volume, there are ordinary, anti-corrosion type, explosion-proof type three specifications.
Motor direct coupling, belt transmission, coupling transmission mode are
4-72 centrifugal fan product performance and technical parameters product Features:


Type 4-72 centrifugal ventilator is mainly used for general factories and large buildings indoor ventilation ventilation or transport of air and other non-spontaneous combustion, not easy to explode, not easy to evaporate, harmless to human body, non-corrosive to steel gas; b4-72 centrifugal ventilator can be discharged flammable, volatile gas ; f4-72 centrifugal ventilators are mainly used to transport corrosive gases.

However, 4-72, b4-72, f4-72 centrifugal ventilator transmission of gas shall not contain viscous substances, containing dust and hard particulate matter is not greater than 150mg/m3, gas temperature must not exceed 80 ℃. The performance and selection of the b4-72 type fan and the size of the foundation are consistent with the 4-72 type, which can be selected according to its sample.

The fan structure is basically the same as type 4-72, №2.8a-6a using B35 type with flange and bottom foot of the motor, №6-12C, D motor Selection table and Y series corresponding to the YB series, installation type for B3.

f4-72 centrifugal ventilators are made of stainless steel, fiberglass or other corrosion-resistant materials with the same performance and foundation size as type 4-72 centrifugal ventilators.
Type 4-72 centrifugal ventilator in China is the use of the earliest fan, but is also the most common fan, from high-rise buildings to underground railways, boiler blast to plant ventilation, from the northern frontier to the coast of the South China Sea, from the eastern edge of the Western plateau droop, 4-72 type fan everywhere.


From one end of the motor to face, where the impeller clockwise rotation is called "Right Cyclone Machine", to "right" means, on the contrary, it is called "Left Cyclone Machine", to "left" indicated. The outlet position of the fan is indicated by the outlet angle of the chassis, and the type 4-72 fan №2.8-6 is made into a type at the factory, and the unit is installed according to the requirements to the required position, which need not be noted when ordering.

Among them: the №2.8 outlet position adjustment range is 0 degrees-225 degrees, the interval is 22.5 degrees, the №8-12 outlet adjustment range is 0 degrees-225 degrees interval is 45 degrees, №16, 20 outlet angle made fixed three kinds of 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, can not be adjusted, the order should be noted.

The transmission mode of the fan has a, B, C, D four kinds: 4-72 type fan, the №2.8-5 adopts a-type transmission, the №6 has both a-type drive and C-type transmission, №8-12 uses C, D type two transmission mode, №16-20 uses B-type transmission.
such as the above machine number, transmission mode, export angle can not adapt to your production needs, our factory has the ability to transform or design for you until you are satisfied.


The №2.8-6a of type 4-72 centrifugal fan is mainly composed of impeller, chassis, air inlet, motor and so on.

In addition to the above structure, №6c and №8-20 also have transmission parts.

Impeller-composed of 10 rear tilt wing blades, curved wheel caps and plate rear disks, made of steel plate (cast aluminum alloy for b4-72), by dynamic and static balance correction and Overspeed operation experiment, high efficiency, smooth and reliable operation, good air performance. Chassis-made into two different types, of which: №2.8-12 chassis made into a whole, can not be disassembled.

№16-20 chassis made of three open, in addition to the level is divided into two halves, the upper part along the heart line vertically divided into two halves, bolted, in order to install, repair when the impeller is placed or removed.
Inlet-made of the overall structure, mounted on the side of the fan, and the axial parallel section is curved shape, the role is to make the airflow smoothly into the impeller, and the loss is small.

Drive-consists of a spindle, a bearing box, a rolling bearing, a pulley or a coupling.