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Fire exhaust fan

  • GYF Fire exhaust fan
GYF Fire exhaust fan

GYF Fire exhaust fan

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  • Product description: This page details the technical parameters of GYF Fire exhaust fan, product performance, dimension diagram, air volume, wind pressure, motor power, our company is GYF fire exhaust fan manufacturer,

  GYF Fire exhaust fan high-rise civil Building Design fire Code "gb50045-95 and" car depot, repair garage, parking lot design Fire Code "gb50067--97, divided into single speed, two-speed, power 1.1-30kw, Maximum air Volume: 116768 cubic meters/hour 

  First, due to the complex functions of new high-rise buildings, many fire factors, fire spread fast, evacuation and rescue difficult characteristics, our company launched in line with the "high-rise civil Building Design fire Code" gb50045-95 and "car depot, repair garage, parking lot design Fire Code"GB50067--97 's third generation GYF series Fire exhaust fan. 

  Second, the advantages:
1, > 10th fan in the guarantee and other manufacturers aerodynamic performance of the same situation, motor capacity and speed than other manufacturers to reduce a grade, to No. 11th as an example, other manufacturers installed capacity of 18.5kw rpm 1450 rpm and my company for 15kw, speed 960 turn  Points, so more energy-saving, more durable.
2, our company all Smoke exhaust fan lsa<25db (state regulations ≤35db)
3, cooling system can be guaranteed through the fan flue gas ≥400℃ continuous operation ≥ 2 hours, (the state regulations ≤280℃,
Run for 30 minutes).