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  • Brief introduction of dust free centrifugal fan
Brief introduction of dust free centrifugal fan

Brief introduction of dust free centrifugal fan

1、 Market demand factors of dust free centrifugal fan
Centrifugal fans are widely used and are one of the essential mechanical equipment in modern industrial production, especially in the field of environmental protection. However, the vibration problem of centrifugal fans is rarely avoidable. The vibration of centrifugal fans is mainly impeller vibration, regardless of product manufacturing problems, such as unqualified impeller dynamic balance. The main reason for impeller vibration is impeller imbalance. When the medium composition of centrifugal fans has high dust content When there are viscous substances, water and other solid substances, the impeller attaches mud quickly or slowly during high-speed rotation. With the increase of mud, the imbalance of the impeller becomes more and more serious, and vibration is inevitable. This situation is very common when centrifugal fans are used as induced draft fans, such as centrifugal fans used in paint spraying, desulfurization, dedusting and other systems, It needs to be cleaned regularly, or even dismantled regularly to burn off the dirt on the surface, which is very troublesome and requires a lot of maintenance, which has caused great trouble to many fan maintenance personnel.
2、 Brief introduction of dust free centrifugal fan
In response to this problem, the technicians of Yida fan successfully developed a dust free centrifugal fan after many technical breakthroughs and tests. The impeller and casing of this centrifugal fan use the unique manufacturing process and special coating of Yida fan, which greatly reduces the adhesion on the surface of the impeller. Compared with the same working conditions, the sludge attached to the impeller decreases by about 60%~95% in the same service cycle, and the probability of impeller vibration is greatly reduced, Even no impeller vibration occurs, which greatly reduces the workload of fan maintenance and the number of fan shutdown maintenance. This is a major benefit for many induced draft fans that need to operate all year round. At the same time, the manufacturing cost of this dust free centrifugal fan is only 30%~40% higher than that of the normal product, but its service life is greatly extended. Therefore, its outstanding cost performance has attracted many users to replace it.
3、 Type and performance parameter range of dust free centrifugal fan
The ash free centrifugal fan can be designed and manufactured to be high temperature resistant, explosion-proof and anti-corrosion, with the air volume ranging from 500-160000m ³ The maximum air pressure is 20 kPa per hour, and the transmission mode can be either motor direct connection, belt transmission or coupling transmission, covering the applicable models of most industrial enterprises. New and old customers are welcome to inquire for details.
4、 Boundary dimensions of dust free centrifugal fan
Due to the large number of product specifications, we cannot provide them one by one. After the general model selection is determined, our company will provide the design sketch and detailed outline dimension drawing
5、 Manufacturer of dust free centrifugal fan
Yida Fan (Shandong) Co., Ltd. is a professional designer and manufacturer of ash free centrifugal fans. Tel: 0533-6820280 13793313126