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Axial Fan

  • FZ40(35)-11 Textile axial fan
FZ40(35)-11 Textile axial fan

FZ40(35)-11 Textile axial fan

  • FZ40 Textile Axial Fan
  • fz35 Textile Axial Fan
  • Textile Explosion-proof fan
  • Product description: This page details FZ40 (35)-11 type of textile axial fan technical parameters, product performance, dimension diagram, air volume, wind pressure, motor power, our company is a manufacturer.

  Usage: Suitable for air conditioning room in textile mill can also be used for ventilation and ventilation of other non-corrosive gas facilities. 

  Structure: This series of fans are mainly composed of impeller, chassis, fan, regulating wind gate, diffusion cylinder. The impeller rotates directly driven by the motor. The impeller part is composed of hub, blade, bushing, tile, cover plate, Shell and so on.The blade is fixed on the cover plate and connected by two tile, as long as two screws are loosened on the tile, the blade angle can be adjusted, and the impeller is fixed with taper fastening sleeve, so the impeller installation and disassembly is very convenient. 

   Installation and maintenance: The user on the newly purchased fan, simply according to the foot size of the pre-buried foot bolts, when the fan into the machine with a nut washer fastening can be. The foundation is required to be flat and no axis tilt is allowed to exist. At the same time, according to the size of the fan inlet pipe installation pipe, waiting for the fan installed on the foundation plane after connecting to the water source, the water supply system requires access to the floating flowmeter, so that the amount of water can be arbitrarily adjusted. To install the C-type transmission fan, the transmission hole shall be opened on the collector according to the penetrating position of the triangle belt.When overhauling, the inlet assembly should be removed first, and then the waterproof cover at the shaft plate should be unloaded and unloaded.