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Dust exhaust fan

  • FC6-48 Textile dust blower
FC6-48 Textile dust blower

FC6-48 Textile dust blower

  • fc6-48 Dust removal centrifugal fan
  • FC6-48 explosion-proof dust removal centrifugal fan
  • Explosion-proof dust removal fan
  • Product description: This page details the technical parameters, model, price, product performance, dimension diagram, air volume, wind pressure, motor power of fc6-48 dust blower, our company is the manufacturer of fc6-4
  fc6-48 Textile Dust removal fan features: This machine is mainly composed of impeller, air inlet, transmission parts, base, protective parts, etc., impeller from 8, 10 straight plate blade connecting shaft plate into one pouring, through dynamic balance check, smooth operation. The material selects ZL104 aluminum alloy, has the characteristic that the explosion-proof does not produce the spark, the impeller adopts the semi-open shape, the surface has the contusion processing, has the non-stick flower, does not clog the characteristic. 

   fc6-48 Textile Dust removal fan use: FC6-48 series textile Dust removal fan is a new product for textile mill dust Removal system, comb cotton suction and drop cotton, but also can be used to transport raw cotton, wool or other fibrous substances.

    fc6-48 Textile Dust removal fan specification: FC6-4 series textile dust removal wind mechanism into a single inhalation, motor direct transmission motivation number are: №3.55a, 4 A, 4.5A, 5 A, 6.3A, 8 A, 9 A; Belt wheel transmission motivation Number: №3.55C, 4 C, 4.5C, 5 C, 6.3C, 8 C, 9C

, 10C, 11.2C, 12.5C, a total of 17 kinds of specifications