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Roof fan

  • DWT-I Roof fan
DWT-I Roof fan

DWT-I Roof fan

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  • Product description: This page details the technical parameters of DWT roof fan, product performance, dimension diagram, air volume, wind pressure, motor power, Zibo transfer Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professio
  DWT roof fan consists of impeller, duct, hood, transmission parts, loose-leaf door, anti-bird net, safety net and other components. The fan's duct, hood, impeller parts can be made of FRP, reduce the weight of the whole machine and have good corrosion resistance, according to the use of air volume, wind pressure and noise requirements, choose the following two forms of fan: (1) Axial flow roof fan, codenamed Dwt-i type, with large air volume,
  The pressure is lower than that of centrifugal fan, and (2) centrifugal roof fan, codenamed Dwt-ii Type, is suitable for occasions where the whim quantity is small and the pressure requirement is high. 
  Usage: DWT series low noise roof fan is widely used in light industrial plant, high-level civil construction, especially suitable for the discharge of wet and corrosive gas, medium temperature does not exceed 60 ℃, the gas is not allowed to contain excessive viscous substances, dust content is less than 100mg/m3. Specification: Axial flow roof fan specifications are: Dwt-i№3~24 A total of 17 kinds of specifications; centrifugal roof fan specifications are: Dwt-ii№3~10 A total of 9 kinds of specifications.